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A Higher Standard Of Painting

Providing Southern California With Wonderful Customer Service And Unmatched Professionalism One Paint Job At A Time.

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About Us

Age is just a number, real knowledge is gained through lessons learned and life experiences ventured. Im a young entrepreneur who has been in the trade since I was 15 years old. With over a decade of experience and generational know how passed down to me by my dad and grandfather, we get the job done and we get it done right! 


Got A Surface That Needs Painting?
We Paint It All! 


Interior Painting

↠ Baseboards                             
↠ Basements                              
↠ Bedrooms, bathrooms         
​↠ Cabinets, hand railings        
​↠ Crown moldings                     
↠ Family rooms, play rooms.  
​↠ French doors                           
​↠ Kitchens, laundry rooms.    
↠ Living rooms, dining rooms
​↠ Offices                                      
↠ Walls, ceilings, doors            
↠ And more        


Exterior Painting

↠ Eaves.                                       
↠ French doors.                         
↠ Garage doors and carports
​↠ Gates                                        
​↠ Patios, pagodas, decks.       
↠ Playhouses                             
​↠ Shutters                                  
​↠ Storages                                  
↠ Stucco                                      
​↠ Window bars                         
↠ Wood siding                           
↠ And more 

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